Let's put to rest the age-old question of what happened to Elvis. He was reincarnated in Puerto Rico as Latin pop phenom Chayanne. Forget the chronological conundrum posed by the fact that the latter was born before the King died. For Exhibit A, just look at Chayanne.

Where else have you seen such black locks styled so lusciously into a pompadour? And have you witnessed Chayanne dance? The man can certainly move his hips independently from the rest of his body, frequently employing moves akin to the ass sass that got Elvis's dancing cropped on The Ed Sullivan Show in '56. And if you've ever been to one of Chayanne's shows, you've either seen every woman in the place swooning, or you have been one of said swooning honeys. The King — of Latin pop, not rock 'n' roll – will again do all of the above, with style, charisma, and irrepressible energy, in Miami this Friday at the American Airlines Arena.


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