Celia Cruz Tribute Night

The Tu Madre party, Thursdays at Cameo, holds the rare distinction of being one of the most unique club nights in Miami. Seriously. It's Latin-oriented, but don't think for a minute it's a night of ho-hum salsa and reggaeton. First the crowd: a few Charo look-alikes, sure, but a lot of well-heeled, sleek, insanely attractive twentysomethings, rockera girls dancing on boxes, and more than a few gringito surfer types partying like it's their birthday. Next the music: a mashup of everything — okay, a little reggaeton and tropical beats, but also Maná and Enanitos Verdes, Nineties American alternative rock, Chuck Berry, hip-hop, and disco house. On a recent night, a classical guitarist ascended a podium for an extended solo over a Calle 13 tune.

Tonight's event, a tribute to the late, great Celia Cruz, promises "special remixes all night." In the spirit of this party, it could be anything — live musicians reworking classic tracks, creative DJing giving her vocals a hip-hop treatment — who knows. The one predictable thing: a rhythm so infectious even yo' mama would dance. — Arielle Castillo


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