Cee Lo Green at the Orange Drive Music Festival Dec. 30-Jan. 1

These days, ex-Goodie Mob member Cee Lo Green is the Liberace of hip-pop. He wears sequined jumpsuits with effortless flair. He can't be without his baby grand for more than 24 hours. And he totally loves South Beach.

But while the King of Bling (as Wladziu Valentino Liberace was nicknamed) preferred to hang out at swanky spots like the Fontainebleau, Loberace (as Cee Lo has dubbed himself) is a man of the streets and the beach. Hence, his headlining gig at this weekend's Orange Drive Miami Beach Music Festival.


Cee Lo Green

As part of the Orange Drive Miami Beach Music Festival, with Pete Wentz, Ne-Yo, Jermaine Dupri, Samantha Ronson, DJ Irie, and others. Friday, December 30, through January 1, on Ocean Drive between Seventh and Ninth streets. One-day tickets cost $62.50 to $117.70 and three-day passes cost $155.15 via orangedr.com. All ages.

It ain't just Cee Lo leading the Orange Bowl Committee's three-day street fest and beach party, though. From Friday through Sunday, football fans and sun junkies will also get wet and sweaty with former Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz, smooth crooner Ne-Yo, supershort superproducer Jermaine Dupri, DJ (and girlfriend) to the stars Samantha Ronson, and official Miami Heat music man DJ Irie.

We anticipate a couple of last-minute additions to this A-list artist lineup. But c'mon. Who could be glitzier than Loberace and his sequin-studded, lime-green, fur-fringed cape?


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