Cedric Gervais' Birthday Bash at LIV June 15


Cedric Gervais is the French-born DJ and producer best known for inciting a worldwide search for that girl Molly. But here in Miami, he's just part of the family. Gervais moved to our city when he was just 15, originally planning to continue traveling across America, but like so many other vagabonds, he fell in love and never left. Now he's inviting his 305 peeps to join him for a superspecial birthday bash under the beautiful lights of LIV. "I perform in front of massive crowds and big clubs all over the world. But every time I come back to Miami, I'm the most nervous that I am anywhere in the world because it's my hometown," he says. "I want to make sure I give my best every time I come here. I stress myself out so much before shows it's ridiculous." From the way he produces his music to the attitude of his mixes, Gervais is 305 through and through. "I don't think my career would have gone the same way if I was living in a different city from Miami," he says. "Miami is not part of America; it's a different island. You feel like you're somewhere else." He loves this city. And he'll need every last party person to help him usher in the best ­b-day ever. "I might stage-dive or something," he laughs. "When I play Miami, I feel like I'm playing in front of all my friends. It's a family thing. I would not celebrate my birthday anywhere else," he enthuses. "I'm very excited, and I'm very scared at the same time!"


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