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Punk/ska/reggae band The Monjees is currently at work at the University of Miami studio recording what will be its first album, due out early next year. Singer Paul Orehovec and his fellow Monjees -- Andrew Stoch (trombone, keyboards), Aaron Seiden (bass), Jason May (drums), and Harry Gamez (guitar) -- together now for almost a year, are hoping to tame some of the monjee-pit chaos and capture the flashes of musicianship from their live shows. But you can still get all the hurly-burly of their sound, which veers from roots reggae and dub to punk and ska, when they participate in the ten-band Red Cross benefit show on Friday, October 19, at Churchill's, beginning at 6:00 p.m., all for a $5 donation. In addition to the Monjees, the mostly punk lineup consists of Why Not?, the Creeperz, Pointless, No Deficiency, Snootie Bounce, Knockouts, Lose the Rookie, Corky, and Live Issues. Busy that night? Head to Churchill's two days later, on Sunday, October 21: The Monjees will be back, headlining the evening with their reggae counterparts and "bredren band" Wood and Water along with the punk/ska outfit Bum Ruckus. The show starts at 10:00 p.m. For both shows call 305-757-1807.


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