Catch It Live

This weekend hip-hop's original break dance, MC, turntable, beat box, and aerosol-art culture will be alive and kickin' it from Little Havana to Coral Springs. The third annual BreakFest brings to town what organizer Jenice Reddick calls "the fundamental elements" of the underground form. "The main message that I hope to transmit," says the Florida A&M student better known as Chyna, "is that all this bling-bling stuff isn't hip-hop."

In case there's any doubt, check out the screening of the animated classic hip-hop film Wave Twisters, which brings scratching to the big screen. For all the MCs out there, there will be a guest performance by California underground figure Phil the Agony and the seven-man hip-hop outfit the Mystics. Lady Jules of the Rock Steady Crew will get busy on the dance floor, while the Back Talk Poetry Troupe will defend their spoken-word title.


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