Cat Power at Grand Central October 11

Hell to the yeah! Cat Power is back! Oh, and she's chopped off her long, luscious locks! After a six-year hiatus, the singer-songwriter otherwise known as Chan Marshall just released a new album, Sun. She returns with the shimmeringly apocalyptic lead single "Ruin," a pixie-ish new haircut, and a full North American tour. Luckily, the chanteuse lives in the Magic City part-time, so she'll kick off her cross-continental trek with a stop at Grand Central this Thursday. In characteristic Cat Power style, the Miami show is bound to be a volatile yet lovely evening of grit, tears, and joy. But with Sun, Marshall seems to be on a real personal-empowerment kick, having played and produced everything, with only a little mixing assistance from French synth-pop studio wizard Philippe Zdar of Cassius. She calls the album "a rebirth." So there are experiments with electronics, drum machines, and synthesizers. But thankfully, no mention of dubstep. Just classic Cat Power and some short-haired swagger.


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