Cat Power

Cat Power is a fine example of simplicity at its best. For a decade the artist also known as Chan Marshall has charmed listeners with her ethereal voice and low-key music. Her minimalist sound is stripped to its bare essentials with moving vocals and sweet, sad melodies echoing from the piano and guitar chords. Marshall's 2006 release, The Greatest, resounds with warm, earthy tracks that evoke comparisons to Mazzy Star and Norah Jones. Via rich horn and string arrangements, the back-up band, composed of Memphis blues musicians, leaves a noticeable yet subtle Southern style and Seventies beat that make the album a departure from previous releases. Cat Power fans can expect to witness a unique live performance marked by her unusual stage presence and the occasional abrupt song ending. In addition to soulful vocals and personal songwriting, Marshall is known for her unique renditions of rock and roll favorites ranging from the Rolling Stones to the White Stripes.


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