Casely and DJ Laz Shout Out Miami New Times' Best Of Issue, Really

I guess the mini feud between DJ Laz and Crossfade is over. Apparently he didn't like what we had to say about his single "She Can Get It," and said as much on the air a while back. (But, hey, at least he reads Crossfade!) But that's all in the past ... especially because Miami New Times just awarded him "Best Radio Personality." It's true -- what Laz may lack in rapping skills, he makes up for with his engaging on-air persona and undeniable local popularity.

Here's a video from in which local R&B whiz kid Casely and DJ Laz shout out the New Times Best-Of issue, and congratulate for its own win. Between this, and MSG's recent artistic nod to the crew's own win, things are getting really intertwined, or something.


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