DJ Craze
Courtesy of Contagious Musiq

Cartel Recordings

It seems like a lifetime ago when DJ Craze was acknowledged as one of the best, and most controversial, hip-hop turntablists in the world. He has seemingly abandoned boom-bap beats for boom-clack tracks, cutting up junglist tracks with the same dexterity he once applied to Super Duck Breaks. His new label, Cartel Recordings, a joint venture with jump-up pioneer Juju, has already yielded a drum-and-bass hit in Hustling EP, a collaboration between the acclaimed DJ/producers. But with hope, Craze will also find time to drop in a few subterranean rap tracks during his appearance with Juju at I/O on Friday, a label showcase that should expose our VMA-struck city to his relatively brand-new bag.


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