Candyland 2011 at Revolution Live December 23

The annual wintertime dance music event known as Candyland may be the South Florida rave that just won't die. The 2011 edition marks this party's stunning 16th chapter after surviving some very lean years in the underground electronic dance music scene.

As it's traveled to different locations across Miami-Dade, this installment marks a homecoming of sorts. Some of the best Candylands of the past were thrown at Revolution (and its differently named incarnations), and the resurgence of the rave scene in general means a likely upswing in mood and energy at this year's event.

Appropriately, the lineup features a mix of classic and new. Among the headliners is Florida breaks titan DJ Icey, who ruled the scene during the late '90s and early '00s, alongside Mord Fustang, an Estonian electro-house and dubstep producer who has recently dominated the Beatport charts. Bridging the era divide is local golden boy Juan BassHead, who for years has fostered the area scene by DJing, promoting, and releasing music, beginning with the breakbeat and drum 'n' bass era and continuing into the current dubstep explosion.


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