Candyland 13

Breakbeat king Magic Mike storms Candyland 13 this Saturday.

As the name of this event, and the fact that it's followed by a numeral, might suggest, the epic December party Candyland began in the golden age of the Florida rave scene. In the Nineties, it was a guaranteed good time on the party calendar, one of several large-scale annual events that included parties such as Clash of the Titans. Amazingly, Candyland is one of the very few of those to have survived throughout the years. And although the flyer design for this edition visually harks back to the obsolete, heady days of P.L.U.R., the event's producers, Culture, have updated the lineup to reflect the more subculturally broad state of dance music today.

And perhaps to reflect the state of this musical optimism, the party's venue, Soho Studios in Wynwood, is its largest in years, with four separate stages. The two biggest are, unsurprisingly, dedicated to longtime favorite artists and genres of the underground party scene. Heading up a breakbeat-dominated room are Q-Bert, Spacemen, and Magic Mike, among others; in the drum 'n' bass room, the biggest names are UK legends Ed Rush and Optical.

But what's most interesting here, perhaps, are the musical outliers. One "arena" is headed up by some of the most-blogged electro-house producers on the current scene: Kill the Noise, Treasure Fingers, and Ludachrist. (Funnily enough, all three acts boast dark drum 'n' bass pasts.) Back in the d'n'b-dominated "Basshead arena," there'll be a special performance by Otto von Schirach, whose experimental breakcore antics have earned him a following among the Laundry Bar — oops, we mean Black Sheep set. He'll have his costumed sidekick, Peasants with Feathers, in tow, which means the crowd should expect only the bizarrely unexpected.


Candyland 13

Candyland 13: Saturday, December 27. Soho Studios, 2136 NW First Ave., Miami. Doors open from 4 p.m. Saturday to 9 a.m. Sunday. Tickets cost $25 in advance from All ages. 305-416-9330,

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