Arboles Libres enter the mess.
Arboles Libres enter the mess.
Michael McElroy

Can the Miami Music Festival Be the Local Scene's Next Big Step?

A pretty loaded question, right? Especially after last year's admittedly shaky showing. Overpriced wristbands, crappy tents, and other bad venue choices ... For some, like New Times, it was a big disappointment. For others, it was just a minor misstep that could be corrected in 2010.

But now, next year is here. And there's another question: Has the Miami Music Festival really changed? For answers, we talked to MMF organizer Irwin Kornfeld, Forward Motion Records label head and festival liasion Fernando Perdomo, and prominent opponent Will Lopez of Hialeah punk crew Guajiro.

Check out this week's music feature The Sophomore Stage online. Or wait till the rag hits streets tomorrow.


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