C-Ride Teams Up With DJ Smokey Bear for #SnapSeason: Best of the Crib, Volume 2

With his rugged gutter flow blasting car speakers throughout Dade County, C-Ride has been a long-time favorite in the 305. And backed by Miami's own Cool & Dre, he's got pretty much everything he needs to make a major impact on the hip-hop scene.

For the last year or two, the rapper had been working on an album called The Arab Store. And after being denied a proper release, he took it upon himself to put it out as a free mixtape. His label situation looked to be in serious limbo. So even thought the collection was definitely well received, many wondered whether the world would ever hear from C-Ride again.

Since then, C-Ride has made the rounds online. And now, he returns alongside DJ Smokey Bear with #SnapSeason: Best Of The Crib, Volume 2. Mostly, it's a large collection of freestyles over recent hit singles. But there are a few original tracks like "Ice Cream," "Floating," and "Run." The highlight, however, of this tape is the vintage bass-inspired "Mark Duper."

Now, #SnapSeason 2 is not the C-Ride album we've all been awaiting, but it is the next best thing. And it may be the better thing, too. For the most part, mixtapes give us a look at a rapper's raw and uncut side. And in this particular case, that's exactly what we get.

Download: C-Ride - #SnapSeason: Best Of The Crib Volume 2


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