Brendan O'Hara and the Humble Ones

Part beatnik, part Ben Folds, Brendan O'Hara is quickly becoming one of South Florida's most interesting musical commodities. Backed by the Humble Ones trio — drummer, bassist, and keyboardist — O'Hara fuses hip-hop, jazz, folk, and saloon-style swing into something soothingly familiar and cleverly offbeat. A self-described "good ole Irish boy" with model good looks, O'Hara is performing/touring to promote his first full-length studio effort, Perceptive Inception. Political, snarky, inspired, and light-hearted, the album's themes and topics are as diverse as O'Hara's influences. Dedicated to "walking the walk and talking the talk," O'Hara is known by many as one of our region's more charity-minded performers, assembling benefit concerts and fundraisers for a variety of causes, most recently hurricane and tsunami relief. Now O'Hara is preparing for his March Against Fools, a warehouse fundraiser/concert for AIDS relief. Beyond musical guests, the event will feature art and photography exhibitions, a video installation, and Tahitian-style fire-dancing. Don't be afraid of getting all cultured up; O'Hara promises to bring the rock.


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