Breakage and Mayhem

Breakage and Mayhem don't necessarily sound like things clubbers would submit themselves to willingly. But in this case they should, for this duo comprises notable evangelists for drum 'n' bass at a time when the form has pushed past its initial mass excitement in the States.

The seven-year discography of Breakage reads like a blueprint of drum 'n' bass and experimental electronic music, with singles on acclaimed labels such as Reinforced, Planet Mu, and Bassbin. His sound tunnels into buzzing rhythms and minor key melodies, a faithful yet compelling take on the genre. Meanwhile DJ Mayhem is helping to keep the sound alive in Atlanta, where he runs a local D&B Website ( and just wound down the weekly Transit club night after a three-year run. Both of these guys fly fairly well below the radar, but that's good: That's where all the great bass is found. — Tamara Palmer


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