Brazilian Girls

When Brazilian Girls singer Sabina Sciubba took the stage at Studio A this past March for one of the club's inaugural shows, she strutted and preened while burbling her signature five-language lyrics in an Avengers-era white mack. The sound system and the enthusiastic crowd offered support, and Sciubba — along with bandmates Didi Gutman (keyboards), Jesse Murphy (bass), and Aaron Johnston (drums) — smoked a cordial, percolating 30-minute set. Then, of course, because this is Miami, some imbecilic frat boy hollered drunkenly: "Take off the raincoat!" Sciubba tensed while the other three BGs looked protectively toward her; the show continued. All eyes are still on Sciubba, who seems to be enduring her Gwen-Stefani-in-the-"Don't Speak"-video moment with the uncomfortable but aware aplomb the position requires. Just like in the No Doubt clip, Sciubba was framed as the star of a recent layout in a New York Times magazine issue devoted to downtown identity. Touring in support of a new album, Talk to La Bomb, Brazilian Girls return to Studio A in full muted-electro voice, and they'll be checking for Tony Kanal in the crowd.


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