Brand Nubian

Ain't a damn thing changed about Brand Nubian, so step to the rear. Sadat X's tangy treble is still shriller than the top cock's. Grand Puba still gets busier than a undertaker. Lord Jamar shaved his locks, but the Nubian still spits fire like a Rastafarian. And don't forget Alamo.

The gods of foundational hip-hop have returned. Time to elevate our mindstate. Come correct when you head to I/O to catch some real jewels being dropped, and find out who's really keeping it real in the underground trenches. No bling-bling in the house allowed (well, maybe a silver Jesus piece or two). As Puba says during the group's latest, Fire in the Hole, "I don't know but I been told ... Brand Nubian will never sell their souls."


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