Boyz II Men at the James L. Knight Center November 5

Boyz II Men will croon into Miami this Saturday, along with fellow '90s smooth-talker Keith Sweat and gangsta diva Faith Evans. And we anticipate the concert will be a top-shelf seminar in panty-droppin'.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Boyz II Men can sing. This group broke Billboard records held by Elvis and then proceeded to break its own records. But who cares? When you're talking about brothers Nathan and Wanya Morris, and fellow B2M-er Shawn Stockman, you're talking about a trio of vocalists behind pop music's densest collection of ballads about banging.

The group's definitive manifesto on lovemaking is clearly its 1994 number one hit single, "I'll Make Love to You." But while that song details a number of items and techniques that might impose greater gravity on your date's skivvies (e.g., candles, wine, fireplaces, intimate touch, and constant, almost obsessive reminders that, "Baby, you're in control"), the best, most surefire way to make them undies hit the floor is simply buying a pair of tickets to slow-jam with Boyz II Men.


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