Boys Noize at Mansion November 3

Way back in the summer of 2005, the Internet gave birth to a baby called blog house. Yet unlike 99.9 percent of the web's offspring, this particular suckling sub-subgenre survived. It was strong, loud, and infectious. And soon, the little bastard was remultiplying by the minute.

Among the first generation was Berlin's Boys Noize (AKA Alexander Ridha), an expert electronicist whose buzz-saw skills put him in league with bigger bloggy bros such as Justice and Tiga. On a self-starter label named for its star, Boysnoize Records, Ridha released a superhyped string of overamped anthems, including "Boy Neu" and "Erole Attack," that eventually peaked with his 2007 masterpiece of digital deconstruction, "Lava Lava," off debut full-length Oi Oi Oi.

But that's when blog house began to die. And now, a few years later, the ashes have been scattered. Which is not to say that all of those bloggy bros such as Boys Noize are goners. It's just that today, you get things like Ridha's newish album, Power, with its speedy Tangerine Dream intro and other off-character quirks. Basically, this 2010 stuff sounds like freedom from the fad.


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