Boys Noize at LIV November 23

Your skull is being sawed in half by a pristine sonic blade. Your brain is being diced by a swirling symphony of brutal, buzzing synths. And now whatever is left of your seriously mangled head is getting straight stomped into a disgusting, bloody mess by 130 bpm pounding like the echo of The End. Strangely, though, you're still dancing like some kind of club rat zombie.

After a double dose of DMT and a half-tab of acid, that's Boys Noize, a terrifyingly danceable blast of anarchic electro-house with the awesome destructive capacity to shred human bodies, crumble entire megaclubs, and maybe even kick off the apocalypse.

Of course, when you aren't dangerously scrambled on illicit drugs, the experience isn't exactly that searingly psychedelic. But still, even if your personal pharmacist has skipped town for the weekend and you're left without any means of reliably warping your mind, there are other reasons to spend the night with Mr. Noize. Like the naked thrill of throwing yourself into the German DJ-producer's sonic meat grinder. And surviving.


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