Boston Punk Rock Tribute Show

Boston birthed some of the most influential groups of the hardcore scene. Gang Green, a founding father of East Coast hardcore, was one such band. But even in the trenches of anger and pubescence unrest lay an equally youthful need to have a good time. There were the Dogmatics, Stranglehold, Sharon Tate's Phoetus, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and, of course, the Bruisers. (You hip kids will know vocalist Al Barr eventually joined the Dropkick Murphys.)

On Saturday, Purple Skunk Records band Irish Car Bomb will perform as Gang Green, while fellow South Floridians Sick of Society will have a romp as the Bruisers. This sounds like some real stomping-about-the-pit-while-swishing-about-a-full-pitcher-of-Harp's kind of fun. Bring plenty of ale dosh and get your boots and braces on.


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