Evoking an aura of tiki huts, toothpick umbrellas in amaretto sours, and red velvet wallpaper, Bossacucanova takes the mondo-cool sounds of 1960s-era bossa nova and re-creates its vibrancy with funk, hip-hop breakbeats, rotating turntables, digital technology, and skillful mixing. The result is a concoction of classic and new bossa nova songs set to pulsating Euro-Brazilian-influenced rhythms and melodies. DJ Marcelinho DaLua, bassist Márcio Menescal, and keyboardist Alexandre Moreira center on traditional bossa nova syncopations and rhythms with electronica and breakbeats as embellishments, instead of the other way around. The band has a habit of inviting other artists to support its live work, including guitarist Roberto Menescal (Márcio's father), Marcos Valle, Zuco 103, and Cris Delano. — Paul Catala


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