Borgore at Revolution Live October 12

It's perhaps the raunchiest song about suspected infidelity, but female rapper Riskay's "Smell Yo Dick" just wasn't complete until it got its own EDM remix earlier this year by Israeli dubstepper Borgore. After all, the only thing crazier than a woman begging to smell her man's penis after he comes home at "5 in the morn" is accentuating said request with epic bass drops. But reworking "Smell Yo Dick" also opened doors for Borgore. This past summer, the Tel Aviv-bred DJ and producer released Decisions, a six-track EP. And though "Smell Yo Dick (Remix)" didn't make the cut, the record did feature sexually charged lyrics by Miley Cyrus and lots of other X-rated sex talk. "I'm not going to sing about what I don't do," Borgore explained during an interview with New Times' sister publication OC Weekly. "I'm not selling drugs, so I'm not going to sing about selling drugs. I'm not a gangster, so I'm not going to sing like I'm a fucking gangster. I'm fucking all these chicks — that's what I'm going to sing about."


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