Bob Seger never forgets to rock.
Romain Blanquart

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band at BankAtlantic Center January 12

Detroit rock legend Robert Clark Seger once said, "Rock 'n' roll never forgets."

I'm reminded of that particular lyrical nugget because I caught Seger at the Orlando Calling concert extravaganza a couple of months ago. And true to tradition, that song figured prominently in his set.

But it wasn't the song itself that inspired me. It was being at that place, at that time, at that festival, wholly and completely immersed in the music. It was a moment filled with the recognition that age, beliefs, and circumstance will never come between people and the love of rock 'n' roll.


Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, January 12, at BankAtlantic Center, 1 Panther Pkwy., Sunrise; 954-835-8000; Tickets cost $16.50 to $65.25 plus fees via

I am now, have always been, and will continue to be passionate about rock and the attitude that goes along with it. To quote Seger again, in a line from his song "Traveling Man": "Those are the memories that make me a wealthy man."

There are certain expectations that come with age. You have to accept responsibility, shed the things of your youth, temper your dreams, and be grown-up. You have to cut your hair, wear three-piece suits, and behave more like a banker than a bohemian.

I rarely follow any of those dictates. My hair extends to my shoulders. I've been growing a beard since the festival. Tie-dye remains in my wardrobe. And hell, I still consider the Beatles and the Stones perfect fashion templates. Yeah, I'm a retro guy. But I really don't mind at all.

So what does that have to do with rock 'n' roll? Everything. In the '60s, music became a mantra, a lifestyle, an overriding influence that defined the attitudes and mores of an entire generation. I'm a child of that era, so those sentiments have always stayed with me.

Sure, there's a fine line between being young at heart and being emotionally deranged. But I relate better to younger people than I do to folks intent on proving themselves old farts.

Basically, rock 'n' roll is about setting yourself free, and Bob Seger always brings that feeling rushing back. So what if I have an immature attitude? Always have, always will. I hope I'll still be rocking the nursing home.


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