Blowfly and crew: The WWE's latest sensation
Blowfly and crew: The WWE's latest sensation


He's Dolemite writ large and in cartoon, a big mean black guy dressed like a pro wrestler from the Sixties; the self-professed inventor of the Miami sound, writer of tracks for Betty Wright and KC and the Sunshine Band, and he's in my face. And yours. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Blowfly (a.k.a. Clarence Reid), a revered 62-year-old potty-mouth singer and songwriter whose range extends from straight R&B to pure raunch kitsch. But really, it's best to let Blowfly do the talking.

On his recent signing to Alternative Tentacles: "So many punk rockers have come to see my show since we signed to Alternative Tentacles two years ago that I had to take the music they cherish in their hearts and pervert it forever. Why should they only hear me fuck up my soul and funk? They paid their money — their music should be fucked with! So now, 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' is 'Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho'."

On his new boss, Jello Biafra: "Alternative Tentacles is owned by that freak Jello B. Africa from the Dead Kennedys. You see, he went to Africa and got rock hard for the natives and the lions, but when he came back to America, his dick turned to Jell-O."



Blowfly, Against All Authority, Guajiro, and Torche perform beginning at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 27, at Studio A, 60 NE 11th St, Miami. Tickets cost $10 in advance or $12 at the door. Call 305-358-7625, or visit

On family: "My show is a funky, perverted freak show for the whole family. So I'm happy we're about to do our first all ages show at Studio A, cuz the kids need to learn about real filth — not that no-assed Paris Hilton who can't even buy off a judge or operate a movie camera while she's getting butt-fucked."

On helping music writers find their way: "We're playing New York, Kansas City, and probably St. Louis on this tour, so you can pitch this shit to them and get yourself more money for hookers and KY jelly." — Eric W. Saeger


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