Get weird with the Blond:ish chicks at Arkadia.

Blond:ish at Arkadia June 24

Alfred Hitchcock populated his films with blond women, believing that film audiences would be more suspicious of brunettes. But when you see two platinum manes bouncing behind Arkadia's decks this Friday, you should suspect that this fair-headed DJ duo is conspiring to do evil things with its electronic vocal house.

After partying together at Winter Music Conference in 2007, DJs Vivie Ann and Anstascia joined EDM forces, kicking off a residency at Montreal club Cherry with a night called Blond:ish. As their blondtourage fandom grew, that tag morphed into their moniker, and the two have been keeping a hectic schedule on the global club circuit, playing Brazil, Berlin, and beyond alongside beat brethren Tiësto and Victor Calderone. Last year, the Blond:ish twins even debuted as producers with the tech-filled Nobody Is Perfect EP released on London Music, and Miss You out on Hi-Bias, with Robson Vidal and Coco Hayek. How's that for blonde ambition?


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