Blackest of the Black Tour

The dark master kicks off Blackest of the Black in Miami.

Thank the dark lord, or whoever is responsible, for getting the infamous Glenn Danzig off his ass and on a long-awaited national tour. This Thursday he kicks off his Blackest of the Black tour in the least dark place ever — South Beach. Hordes of Jay and Silent Bob look-alikes will descend on the Fillmore Miami Beach for one of the biggest, and most varied, heavy-music tickets to hit the area in a while.

Here, then, is a quick cheat sheet on the acts in this ghoulish side show. Moonspell: Decade-and-a-half-running Portuguese quintet that takes its witchy black metal very, very seriously. Winds of Plague: Ex-hardcore bros gone death-y with a keyboard-playing girl à la Bleeding Through. Skeletonwitch: Thrashy guitars meet growly vocals from the very nonevil environs of small-town Ohio. Dimmu Borgir: monstrous symphonic black metal from Norway. Duh. Danzig: If you need a refresher, please skip to the next item.

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