Black Keys Release El Camino; Nine YouTube Fans' Tribute Videos in Honor of "Lonely Boy"

The Black Keys released El Camino today, their seventh studio album (or eighth if you include Blakroc) in ten years. And like every record before it, El Camino is a 60-minute, all-you-can-eat aural buffet of blues-driven garage rock.

But we're not going to waste your time reviewing the album; run over to an independent record store or legally download the shit out it on the Internet, then sonically pig-the-fuck-out and tell us what you thought.

Oh, and check out the viral video for The Black Keys' "Lonely Boy" as well as our collection of YouTubers reinterpreting it.


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The Black Keys - "Lonely Boy"

Brilliant. And now for the tributes...

9. YouTube User: svideogame

Remember that drunk, creepy foreign exchange student you lived with for two semesters in college? This is what he's up to now.

8. YouTube User: irght19kc

We're convinced this Canadian lonely boy was forced into making this video after losing a bet, eh.

7. YouTube User: onlyteesin

Who's got better moves, onlyteesin or his dog?

6. YouTube User: ZaineyBars

After spending a Saturday night editing at Maine College of Art, the school suggests a "Lonely Boy" dance off.

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