Billy Blue at SoBe Live March 5

Ever since Poe Boy label alumni and North Miami native Billy Blue dropped swagger-heavy summer track "When U Hood U Good" in July 2010, he's specialized in the kind of click-clack cooked up specifically for cruising the causeways between Miami Beach and the mainland at midnight. And the new single, "Ridaz and Slidaz," off his impending album, Blumanatti (due March 1), is another cut of that same slick, sticky, street-running shit. To quote from the freshly released official video: "When the night falls, the streets will be occupied with those who seek excitement, danger, and retribution."

More than anything, though, Blue is out to snatch a slice of the national rap game for himself. He's looking to jack the kind of radio play, notoriety, and stacks of cash that fellow Poe Boy grad Flo Rida has managed to claim in the last few years. And yeah, the chances of a sudden takeover are thin. But if the 808-propelled push, stabbing synths, and hard, quick spitting on "Ridaz and Slidaz" is a true sample of the total Blumanatti package, Blue's dreams of retribution and radio play might soon be reality.


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