BEST UNSUNG ROCK VENUE Gusman Center for the Performing Arts 174 E. Flagler Street


305-372-0925 The packed show by Bright Eyes this past January displayed what both Miami International Film Festival and Philharmonic attendees have long known -- the Gusman is one of this town's jewels. Great acoustics, a plush environment, and that otherworldly twinkling ceiling all add up to a venue that makes any concert seem like a bona fide event. In fact, as Bright Eyes bore down on their galloping pop, the band members seemed just as impressed by their surroundings as the audience did, putting that much more effort into their performance as they praised the night's promoter for booking the room. All of which raises the question: Why don't more rock shows take place at this classic setting? It seems downright criminal to keep the Gusman dark for so many nights of the year.


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