If Latin alternative music never triumphs in South Florida, don't blame Kike Posada. This tireless crusader for la causa is determined to get the word and rock out by any means necessary: promoting events, publishing ¡Boom! magazine, and in July 2001 convincing the Anglo owners of AM station Radio Uno to allow him a few hours for programming Latin rock. The response was so great not only by listeners but by big-time advertisers such as Budweiser that the programming grew and grew -- with Posada joined over the course of the past year by fellow DJs Ramiro Yustini, Linda Carta, Caferro, Pancho, and Giovanni Morales, who now rock well into the night. So if you're looking for a little relief from the bellyaching of bachata or the relentless beat of commercial dance music, flip to the AM side of your dial and cross the border into the Latinalternative nation.


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