Best of Miami 2011: Ten Best Bands of the Last Decade

Start the motherfucking countdown! The Rising is upon us!

Indeed, we're just days away from unleashing our big, fat Best of Miami 2011 issue upon the world. And to honor the occasion, we've decided to surf against the tide of time by rifling through our massive digital archive of back issues to compile a list of the ten best bands of the last decade as selected by New Times staff.

Undoubtedly, every single Dade County resident with fully functional ears will wanna bitch about our picks. And all you opinionated jerks can feel free to leave your expert corrections in the comment section.

Here's a look back at ten of New Times' best bands from the last decade.

Best of Miami 2011: Ten Best Bands of the Last Decade

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Afrobeta: Best Band 2010

In a splintered local musical climate, Day-Glo duo Afrobeta is beloved by all. The band can credit some of that to its members' varied musical pedigrees. The duo's instrumental mastermind, Tony Smurphio, has tickled the ivories for Latin-scene staples such as Suenalo and Bacilos, and even Pitbull. Frontwoman Cuci Amador has earned major hipster cred with her cartoonish style and has even laced a track for reggaeton group Calle 13. Read the full Best of Miami 2010 article on Afrobeta.

Best of Miami 2011: Ten Best Bands of the Last Decade

Awesome New Republic: Best Band 2009

Around here ... this band remains one of the most universally loved live acts, creating an instant dance party within the first few bars ... they're in tune with the cultural Zeitgeist: Not only did they put their recent full-length, Rational Geographic Vol. 1, up for free download on their website, but also they somehow got Blair Waldorf herself -- Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester -- to record a cover of their song "Birthday." For real. OMG! Read the full Best of Miami 2009 article on Awesome New Republic.

Best of Miami 2011: Ten Best Bands of the Last Decade

Los Primeros: Best Local Pop Band 2008

Remember when bands had magical powers and went on adventures and shit? Like the Beatles, for example, when they took that submarine trip; or Josie and the Pussycats, how they had their own spaceship; or the way David Bowie led that girl into his magical labyrinth just so she could be in his music video in the end. Nowadays, what the hell good is a band? A bunch of funny-hat-wearing wannabes, that's all most of 'em are these days. But not Los Primeros. Read the full Best of Miami 2008 article on Los Primeros.

Best of Miami 2011: Ten Best Bands of the Last Decade

Torche: Best Rock Band 2007

As comedy icon/Tenacious D frontman Jack Black will attest, rocking is a serious endeavor, and only the truly righteous should attempt it. Miami's foursome Torche has proven its devotion to the fires of aural bombast. Established in 2005, Torche is the brainchild of lead singer/guitarist Steve Brooks and fellow guitarist Juan Montoya, who, along with Juan Nuñez and Rick Smith, produce the hardest, fastest, no-nonsense riffs in all of Miami-Dade. Read the full Best of Miami 2007 article on Torche.

Best of Miami 2011: Ten Best Bands of the Last Decade

Jude Papaloko and Loray Mistik: Best Haitian Band 2006

Jude Thegenius (a.k.a. Jude Papaloko) draws much of his inspiration as a painter and musician from his youth in Haiti. "In Haiti, if you spoke out against the government, the police could come into your house at night, take you away, and you'd disappear forever," says Thegenius. Despite the high risk, Jude and a group of musicians and activists formed an organization called Sunshine and put on performances that were critical of the government. "The music was about revolt," Thegenius explains. Read the full Best of Miami 2006 article on Jude Papaloko and Loray Mistik.

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