Bebo & Cigala

What do you get when you cross the sounds of a young guy from the Old World with the sounds of an old guy from the New World? The dramatic cry of 25-year-old flamenco singer Diego "El Cigala," who takes his inspiration from the late traditional gypsy music great Camarón de la Isla, and the festive fingering of 84-year-old Cuban piano player Bebo Valdes, father of salsa star Chucho Valdes. This multicultural, multigenerational collaboration has turned boleros born of heartbreak into a reason to celebrate with their Latin Grammy-nominated album, this year's successful album, Lagrimas Negras. Now, the two masters of Latin music are presenting their flavorful fusion of Ibero-Caribbean rhythms and melodies to Miami, the last stop on a successful national tour.


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