Beats Antique at Culture Room October 10

In 2012, gypsies, like the new DJs, have become totally marketable. That's why TLC cashed in with My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and why National Geographic's American Gypsies is one of the greatest shows on television. But what about gypsy DJs — electronic music-makers catering to that generation of free-spirited vagabonds who are all hopped up on Molly and easily entranced by heavy womp-womps and bleep-bloops? There just hasn't been enough belly-dancing and beat-making. We need more of Beats Antique. Blending elements of world music and performance art, the Oakland-based collective is eclectic and experimental. As member Zoe Jakes recently explained to the University of Texas at Austin's The Horn: "We also like to expose people to the different cultural influences we have from India to Eastern Europe, and beyond." In September, the crew released Contraption Vol. 2, four years removed from Vol. 1. But that's not to say the group wasn't working. In the interim, Beats Antique released three records, crediting much of their recent success to the rise of EDM. "It is super-exciting to see a younger crew inspired and ready to go," Jakes told The Horn. "It keeps us young!"


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