Beach Boys and Gloria Gaynor at the Fillmore Miami Beach April 14

Who's ready to kick off those flip-flops, slurp some piña coladas, and disco-dance barefoot on the sands of Kokomo? The Beach Boys will be there. And Gloria Gaynor too. But, um, it'll cost you $325.

C'mon, people. Don't be so cynical. The big, fat price tag isn't a cash grab. It's actually your generous contribution toward Voices Against Brain Cancer's not-for-profit campaign to eradicate cranial tumors of all kinds through the combined power of science and song.

Yes, the lineup is kinda random. You've got the Boys' surf pop and Gaynor's club anthems. But the Osmond Brothers and Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm will also toss off some tunes. And here's the common link: Beach Boys cofounder Carl Wilson fought (and lost) a bout with brain cancer, and Wayne Osmond, Gramm, and Gaynor's brother-in-law are all survivors.


Beach Boys and Gloria Gaynor

With the Osmond Brothers and Lou Gramm of Foreigner. 6 p.m. Thursday, April 14, at the Fillmore Miami Beach, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-673-7300; Tickets cost $148 to $298 plus fees via

Do your bit. And just like Gloria says: We will survive.


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