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1. DJ Spen -- "Disco Dreams"

"I still love Sister Sledge, but I'm not a disco 'head.' There are a lot of terrible camp songs from that era to avoid. But I love where disco evolved to in the early '80s, and this song really captures that feel."

2. Beaumotplage -- "Isolée"

"It's very dreamy. All the sounds are clicks and noises rather than drum machines and synthesizers. It's more of a swayer than a stomper. I always bring it with me to the club, but sometimes I don't play until I get home that night."

3. Missy Elliott -- "Why Are You in My Grill?"

"Timbaland's production here is just wonderful. There's a lot of R&B that's too sugary, too much candy floss. But Timbaland throws away the rule book. He has a techno approach: He builds up from pure sound, not instrumentation."

4. Bob Azzam and his Orchestra -- title unknown

"This is a Brazilian Batucada track from the '60s. It's refreshing to play because there's no house 'kick,' just loads of drums. People go crazy to it! I bought it from this record dealer who supplies all the records for the Chemical Brothers. They must spend a fortune on him, because this one record cost me 125 quid [$200]. That's just too much money, I made a dubplate of it and sold it back to him!"

5. Basement Jaxx -- "My Name Is Start"

"This is a bootleg we've done. It's got Eminem over the bass line from the Jam's "Start." It's punk Garage: Garage rhythms and punk attitudes. We've haven't gotten the rights for the samples, so if you see this in a store, we don't know how it got there...."


"Girl, They'll House You", By Brett Sokol


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