For a band that has been together for only a little more than a year, local multicultural act Bachaco has accomplished quite a lot. In this short time, the musicians scored a coveted weekly residence at Jazid while also sharing the stage with Locos por Juana.

The group, which is named for a leaf-cutting ant used by Venezuelan Indians to make hot sauce, is formed by skilled musicians who hail from Venezuela, Jamaica, Cuba, and Colombia. Their signature sound successfully blends elements of cumbia, ska, electronica, and reggae. And though their fun-filled music is clearly destined for the dance floor, they do not shy away from social issues. A good example of that is the Norteño-spiced reggae tune "El Imigrante," in which the band takes a poignant, first-person look at the dramatic plight of illegal aliens.

Apart from the fact that they are highly proficient musicians, the most noticeable thing about the bandmates is their excellent chemistry. The singers' three-part harmonies are tight — even when performed live — and the two-guitar groove seamlessly interacts with the brass and rhythm sections.


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