Baby Calendar

This year opens with the deliciously blended harmonies of Baby Calendar. Jackie Biver and Tom Gorrio build a landscape of childlike innocence and wonderment with acoustic guitar, keyboard, and subtle percussion elements. The aural chiaroscuro of their vocals works well in this setting. Pop sensibilities are explored through stripped-down, midtempo arrangements. Even the cover art is a simple pencil drawing. Imagine a less hectic Mates of State and the call and response moments of early Simon and Garfunkel. The formula is best summed up in the opening line of "Hither": "Complete this melody with simple chords and you'll understand my words."

Your Move's greatest strength is the minimalism of the tracks, which contrasts with the slightly more complex layering of the duo's voices. Biver has grown since her Para days, while Gorrio maintains a steady dry tenor without faulting into falsetto. Both together and individually, they generate great depth from their deceptively one-dimensional music.

Standout tracks include "Green Tea" and "Within Cell Walls." The only tangible point against Your Move is the repetition within the "Outro" song, which runs a little longer than necessary. But such minutia does not detract from an otherwise flawless album.


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