Baby Anne

Baby Anne brings the sweet sounds of nasty bass

Give Orlando-based DJ/producer Baby Anne a gold star on two counts. One, for still carrying a torch for Florida breaks, our state's woozy, psyched-out spin on electro that reached its heyday in the late Nineties. Two, for being one of the few females to do so in a scene ruled by dudes. But don't think she's soft. Baby Anne long ago stepped out of the shadow of mentor and fellow O-Towner DJ Icey, forging a sound with a sensuous, feminine touch but a core of dirty bass.

Her latest mix compilation, Past Present Future, with a surprisingly streetwise vibe, dropped in July on Moist Music. A particularly sweet spot arises on the track "Too Far," by Chakra Blue, thanks to that outfit's vocalist Darling Nikki, who also appears at Saturday's event at Studio A. The rest of the disc is a high-energy grab bag: Funky tunes segue into MC-driven electro, into straight-up Miami booty bass. All the more reason your ass should be shaking when this DJ gives you a break.

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