Babasonicos at Grand Central April 12

What does an Indian yogi and the Spanish-language version of The Jetsons have to do with rock 'n' roll? For Babasónicos, it's all in the name.

More than 20 years ago, a group of Argentines borrowed Baba from Indian guru and Hindu saint Sai Baba of Shirdi and sónicos from Los Supersónicos, developing what is perhaps the greatest band name in Latin rock music. And today this crew is still producing topnotch tuneage to match its topnotch moniker.

Last year's A Propósito was arguably one of Argentina's most anticipated rock albums of 2011. It was Babasónicos' first record in three years, a 13-track gem that Rolling Stone Argentina gave four-and-a-half stars in its March 2011 review. And this Thursday, Babasónicos' psych sounds will echo throughout Grand Central when the group swings by the downtown Miami venue for a Jack Daniel's-sponsored live event. It will be the band's first stop on its A Propósito U.S. minitour, a six-city trek that will take the group from Miami to New York after an appearance at Puerto Rico's Indie Fest.


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