Babasonicos is so ready to finally cross over into larger markets that singer Adrián "Dárgelos" Rodríguez even writes it in one of the fourteen magnificent new tracks that compose Anoche, the eighth release of the Argentine rock band. "Song, take me away where nobody remembers me/I want to be the murmur of a city that doesn't know who I am," sings Dárgelos in "El Colmo" ("The Last Straw"), as if anticipating what should be happening anytime soon outside Argentina, where many singles have flooded popular radio stations and have granted the bandmates permission to go as mainstream as their indie roots tell them to. Their edgy rock sound is even more urgent now than in the previous two albums, though Jessico (2001) and Infame (2004) also represent a new era in Babasonicos' fourteen-year run since the release of Pasto in 1992. In its past three albums, the group has evolved from alt-band to mainstream act; fortunately its members have evolved in the music-making process and seem to have mastered the art of recording catchy songs containing irresistible melodies and hard-core doses of cynicism in the lyrics. No need to keep looking for Soda Stereo's heir. Here it is.


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