Argentine alternative group Babasónicos boasts an impressive longevity in the evanescent world of rock 'n' roll. Nearly 18 years after its founding, the band is now reduced to a five-piece from its original six, following the tragic loss of Gabriel "Gabo" Manelli to Hodgkin's disease last year. Still, Babasónicos continues to evolve and innovate, maintaining its rightful place as one of the most touching Latin rock bands in the world. Although the group first appeared in the early '90s, the musicians quickly set themselves apart with their synth-laden New Wave tendencies. Although that dramatically went against the harder-rocking Argentine scene of the time, this difference paid off in the long run. The band has produced nine studio albums, including the groundbreaking debut, Pasto; the experimental and transitional 1999 release, Miami; and its most recent, hard-rocking Mucho.


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