Baauer: Five Reasons He's No One-Hit Wonder

Baauer: Five Reasons He's No One-Hit Wonder

How many times have you danced "con los terroristas"?

If you're anything like the rest of world it's more times than you can count. Admit it, you were doing the "Harlem Shake" all through March. Even now, Baauer's biggest hit is climbing past 39 million views on YouTube while some people can't let go, continuing to bravely make meme videos, even though the haters might shoot them for it at any moment.

We're sick of hearing about it too. But not because we're sick of Baauer. He's actually an incredibly talented producer and performer. He's got so much more to offer than just "shake, shake, shake." And he definitely ain't no one-hit wonder.

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All of His Songs Are Amazing

If the only Baauer song you've ever heard is "Harlem Shake," you have lots of explaining to do. This Mad Decent member's got a ton of material, and it's all fucking fantastic. Dude is one of the most innovative artists on the trap-house scene. He's pushing the limits of that Dirty South sound, even if he is an NYC guy. You can't listen to a trap set without hearing at least two Baauer tracks. Like, seriously, we dare you to find one. We'll wait.

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