Sunday afternoon marks the latest installment in an informal series of in-store performances at Sweat Records. It's a nice change of pace in (gasp) daytime activities. Taking the store's cozy stage this time is brand-spanking-new local quartet Avondale, purveyor of sweater-warm and comfy, acoustic-guitar-driven pop.

The backbone of the group are old buddies Manny and Marc, who began playing alt-rock together as high-schoolers in the Nineties. A little older and wiser, they now craft strummy, slowly building numbers that break into elated swells, ushered along by dabs of strings and brass. It's a lovely cushion for vocalist Ruth, who relocated to South Florida recently from the far-away, wintry climes of her native Alaska. She possesses a breathy but strong range, with an emotive, polished style that is pleasing to the ear and, above all, marketable. That's a compliment. Fans of Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones, A Fine Frenzy, and the like, take note — this might be your new favorite act.>


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