Audio Exploitation

When you describe your music as belonging to the genre "hybrid electronics," it should come as no surprise that people won't know what the hell you're talking about. But that hasn't stopped Lacedmilk label founder and electronic artist Rudy Gonzalez from compiling an extensive list of artists from all over the world, nor has it stopped him from getting a few fellow electronic performers together for a show at the Wallflower Gallery. "We just want to promote those artists and promote other artists on the scene," Gonzalez says about the bands playing, which include Algo Rhythm, Hydroplane vs. W.D.F., PSB, and Gonzalez's own Line Noise. Though all electric, the bands vary in their instruments, some using laptops while others employ circuit-bent devices and modified speakers. Gonzalez, who describes Lacedmilk as a "Net label," exclusively releasing its material online, says he finds most of his bands on the Internet. "Everyone who listens to electronic just seems to be more virtual," he explains.


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