Argentinean Festival

During much of the year, the melancholy tango of Miami's 60,000-strong Argentine community is often overpowered by the bubbling salsa of the much larger Cuban population. Still, when Argentines want to be heard, they know just how to shake it up — by rocking the city to its core at Bayfront Park. The eighth annual Argentinean Festival is once again a testimony to that country's long legacy of rock and roll peppered with its own interpretations of Caribbean reggae and ska. The melodious alt-rock band Los Pericos, a legend in the eska-ol movement, will headline the event, followed by La Mosca Tse Tse, a group whose 2000 hit single "Para No Verte Mos" remains a popular back-yard barbeque companion from the pampas to the foothills of Madrid. The Christian rock band Rescate is a testament to a new Argentine phenomenon: the rise of evangelism in what was once a predominately Catholic nation. The group became an overnight success by adding spiritual lyrics to hard-driving rock. Festival-goers will also have the chance to convert to the country's own national savior: In light of the World Cup, a group of local Argentine artists will pay homage to world-renowned soccer god Diego Armando Maradona. The athlete, who is making a triumphant comeback to the sport as a coach after years of battling a debilitating cocaine addiction, will be praised with music and video images of his top ten goals.


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