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    The Flesh Made Word

    "You know that feeling when you're in big trouble and you know it, but you just feel like laughing?" Mos Def asks from the stage at El Flamingo, a club on the western edge of the revitalized New York City neighborhood of Chelsea. Indie rap's rookie o...

    by Adam Heimlich on May 21, 1998
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    Do You Believe in Retro?

    In 1970 Steve Boone, onetime bassist for the Lovin' Spoonful, went down to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, bought himself a sailboat, and made it his home. For three years he sailed around the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. He lived frugally, eati...

    by Rafer Guzman on May 14, 1998
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    Miles Davis/Bill Laswell Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis 1969-1974 (Columbia) Listening to Bill Laswell remix, reconstruct, and recycle the work of trumpet legend Miles Davis on Panthalassa brings to mind Natalie Cole dueting with her...

    by Michael Yockel on May 14, 1998
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    The Mavericks Trampoline (MCA) Trampoline, the fourth record by the Mavericks, wasn't recorded in Miami. It doesn't have any songs about Miami. And yet it has Miami in its blood. Once upon a time the Mavs were Miami's brightest, newest musi...

    by Larry Boytano on May 7, 1998
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    Soul and Inspiration

    So you wanna be a rock and roll star. You can already see yourself up there trading licks with wailing Eddie Van Halen. Or maybe you consider yourself a silver-tongued rapper -- ready, willing, and able to slam some grooves with Puff Daddy. Or perhap...

    by Adam St. James on May 7, 1998
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    Scott Weiland 12 Bar Blues (Atlantic) During Stone Temple Pilots' short but amazing three-album run, frontman Scott Weiland excelled at fulfilling the expectations of both his fans and his critics. From platinum-selling faux-grunge icon to ...

    by Steven Almond on April 30, 1998
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    Selling at Mary

    Heading north on I-95 toward her home in Fort Lauderdale, Mary Karlzen takes a sip from a bottle of Miller Lite and returns it to the cup-holder hanging from her dashboard. It's well after three o'clock on a recent Sunday morning, and Karlzen has jus...

    by Rafer Guzman on April 30, 1998
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    Bob Marley The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 1 (JAD/Koch International) Although it's neither as comprehensive as Island's Songs of Freedom (1992) or as revelatory as Rounder's One Love (1991), JAD's triple-disc Complete Wailers collectio...

    by Larry Getlen on April 23, 1998
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    Blues Chips

    Techno-dance junkie, speed-metal maniac, smooth-jazz fan -- whoever you are, listen up: Some rainy day the raging inequities of life are gonna come knocking and you will understand, at long last, just what the concept of deep melancholia really means...

    by Adam St. James on April 23, 1998
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    The Dirty Dozen Ears to the Wall (Mammoth) Back in the late Seventies, when disco ruled, the New Orleans-based Dirty Dozen Brass Band was busy attempting to keep its hometown's old-fashioned "second line" tradition alive. The band accompani...

    by Steven Almond on April 16, 1998
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    Blissed Out on Latin Rock

    Marthin Chan, rhythm guitarist for Miami's Volumen Cero, sits in the driver's seat of his Dodge Caravan, parked in front of the Kendall townhouse where vocalist-bassist Luis Tamblay lives. With his left knee drawn up to his chest, Chan contemplates h...

    by Hans Morgenstern on April 16, 1998
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    Spare Change

    For the first time during a half-hour-plus telephone conversation, Alan Sparhawk really laughs. Not that the guitarist-singer for the minimalist avant-rock trio Low is humorless or anything. Rather, it's just that he usually punctuates his measured c...

    by Michael Yockel on April 16, 1998
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    Weasels in the Dance-Music Hen House

    "From this side," reports London resident Cris Stevens, "the drum and bass dance scene is really dropping off." Stevens is half of the new, beat-oriented instrumental act Chocolate Weasel. He and partner Marc Royal (both 29 years old) are veterans of...

    by Adam Heimlich on April 9, 1998
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    Skankin' Out Racism

    Porkpie hats and checkered suits make for great video imagery. So too stretchy-tubed trombones and overamped pseudopunks twisting their wiry frames around the syncopated beats of Jamaican dance music. Ska, the hyped-up progenitor of reggae, is simply...

    by Adam St. James on April 9, 1998
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    Pulp This Is Hardcore (Island) Jarvis Cocker's songs are much like Martin Amis's novels: The characters are distasteful, the situations sordid, the sex unsavory, and the humor cruel. It's an ugly picture of humankind stripped to the skivvie...

    by Theresa Everline on April 9, 1998
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    Radio Kings Money Road (Bullseye) Dance crazes will come and go. Rock musicians will alternately grow their hair long and shave it off, according to fashion dictates. Entire new genres of music will spring up out of the fertile imaginations...

    by Robin Myrick on April 2, 1998
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    Meeting Raul

    Raul Di Blasio, the Argentine pianist, is brandishing a knife. He is not trying to teach a nosy journalist a lesson, nor is he attempting to maim himself. The piece of silverware he wields can do little harm. It's a butter knife. He is sitting outdoo...

    by Nina Korman on April 2, 1998
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    Emilio Vandenedes (1957-1998)

    Disc jockey, musicologist, record distributor, sometime bodyguard, and friend of Cuban musicians everywhere, Emilio Vandenedes was a pioneer in the dissemination of contemporary Cuban music in the United States. As a DJ in the early Eighties, he brou...

    by Judy Cantor on March 26, 1998
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    Five Days That Kind of Shook the World

    "We're the next big thing, see," Botswanas frontwoman Eileen Ziontz mock-declares from the foot-high stage at Emo's Jr., where her New York City-based band (by way of New Haven), not long into its 40-minute 1:00 a.m. Friday night/Saturday morning set...

    by Michael Yockel on March 26, 1998
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    Anarchy Is Okay

    Dunstan Bruce, a member of the eight-person anarchist collective and pop group Chumbawamba, is pressing the flesh with various music industry types at a sports bar in Milwaukee on a recent Thursday afternoon. Though Chumbawamba has been on a world t...

    by Rafer Guzman on March 26, 1998
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