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    The King of Ocean Drive

    At sundown, they come. From all over South Florida and all over the world, they come to hear and see him. They are his loyal subjects and he is their king. He rules over no country, no state, no province. Just a street. A glitzy, noisy, congested, ex...

    by Nina Korman on December 4, 1997
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    The Beach Boys The Pet Sounds Sessions (Capitol Records) Not long ago VH1 aired a documentary on the making of some Fleetwood Mac record -- it hardly matters which. Lindsey Buckingham sat behind the console, fiddling with knobs and dials un...

    by Hobart Rowland on December 4, 1997
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    Loud and Proud

    The loudest band in South Florida has quietly been crisscrossing the country on tour, releasing a slew of material, collaborating with fellow underground phenoms, and buying more amps. Although all four members of Cavity grew up in Dade, the gro...

    by Larry Boytano on December 4, 1997
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    Paying the Rant

    Jessicka, the tousled, strident lead singer and lyricist of the metal-goth band Jack Off Jill, is relaying something to me that John Lennon once said about music being therapy for the masses. This is one way that she justifies her "tidings of bale" (...

    by George Pelletier on November 27, 1997
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    Exile on Easy Street

    When Keith Richards gets aroused, he gets a wild, distant look in his eye, his voice cracks, and his left leg rises slightly, the way a cat's hindquarters do when you stroke its butt. It happens when he plays a signature guitar line, like in "Honky T...

    by Bill Wyman on November 27, 1997
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    The Replacements All for Nothing, Nothing for All (Reprise Records) Sometimes I listen to old Replacements records and wonder why I still listen to old Replacements records. Their Twin/Tone albums were loaded with Kiss riffs and Beatles rip...

    by Rickey Wright on November 27, 1997
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    Albita Una Mujer Como Yo (Crescent Moon/Epic) Albita Rodriguez used to open her local club shows by joking that she would give a three-part performance: Cuban music, followed by Cuban music, wrapping it up with Cuban music. The singer's all...

    by Stephen Gershon on November 20, 1997
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    Songs You Hate to Love

    Some years ago I compiled a list of what I consider the 100 worst hit songs of the rock era. But this countdown to mediocrity -- which began with Andy Gibb's "(Love Is) Thicker than Water" and ended with the unfathomably abysmal Paul Anka anthem "(Yo...

    by Michael Roberts on November 20, 1997
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    Al's Just Fine

    The five members of Al's Not Well are no strangers to misfortune. The Hialeah-bred glitter-punk outfit has suffered the death of a beloved band member and numerous soured record deals. This past spring its luck seemed to have changed. Having spe...

    by Hans Morgenstern on November 20, 1997
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    It Only Hurts When They Sing

    Given our now fixed image of members of the press as ruthless invaders of privacy who pursued Princess Diana to a grisly end, it hardly seems possible that once upon a time journalists and photographers actually worked in tandem to keep a celebrity's...

    by Serene Dominic on November 13, 1997
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    Concrete Blonde y Los Illegals Concrete Blonde y Los Illegals (Ark 21) For decades Los Angeles has been a center of American punk rock and its descendent genres. And for much longer the city has been a focal point for Latin culture in the U...

    by Craig D. Lindsey on November 13, 1997
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    The Art of the Matter

    Looking at classic-rock record covers is like going to a modern art museum. Here, next to the Rothkos, there's the iconic, prismatic cover for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, designed by Storm Thorgerson's Hipgnosis firm. Over there, just beyond ...

    by Ben Greenman on November 13, 1997
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    Rattle and Bum

    For any rock music fan opposed to cultural hegemony or self-righteous sanctimony, it's difficult to resist gloating over the fact that U2's Pop album and its ongoing U.S. tour have bombed. The tour's most noteworthy emblem is a gigantic stage prop in...

    by Dave Marsh on November 6, 1997
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    Puff Goes the Weasel

    Puff Daddy & the Family's No Way Out is as stunningly slack a piece of work as has ever been issued by a major rap act. Puff Daddy, born Sean Combs, has one of the weakest verbal flows of all time; he mouths wan rhymes in a pinched monotone that soun...

    by Michael Roberts on November 6, 1997
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    Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Look on Yonder's Wall Magic Sam The Magic Sam Legacy Roosevelt Sykes Feel Like Blowing My Horn Big Joe Williams Piney Woods Blues (Delmark) Slickness is bad for practically every type of music...

    by Raymond Tuttle on November 6, 1997
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    Bridges to Babylon The Rolling Stones (Virgin) Although they've never really gone away, the Rolling Stones have had more "comebacks" than Richard Nixon. Every time they emerge from their cocoon of luxury for a new album, Rolling Stone magaz...

    by Michael Roberts on October 30, 1997
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    Mac Daddies

    All Mick Fleetwood wanted was a guitarist. Fleetwood Mac's drummer was checking out the studio of engineer Keith Olsen when he heard a track from an obscure California duo named Buckingham Nicks. Looking for someone to replace departed guitarist ...

    by Gilbert Garcia on October 30, 1997
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    A Sideman Steps Forward

    Labor of love. Labor of love. Labor of love. If I had a nickel -- wooden or otherwise -- for every time I've read (or overheard) someone recycle that soggy cliche, I could quit this writing nonsense tomorrow and pursue my dream of climbing Pamela Lee...

    by Steven Almond on October 30, 1997
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    Bob Dylan Time Out of Mind (Columbia) There's a federal statute prohibiting anyone who doesn't admire Bob Dylan from becoming a rock critic, so it's no surprise that I'm crazy about a great many of his recordings. Highway 61 Revisited and T...

    by Raymond Tuttle on October 23, 1997
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    Green Day Family Values

    Billie Joe Armstrong could be forgiven if he were to display a bit of an ego. After all, his band Green Day sold more than nine million copies of its major-label debut, 1994's Dookie, and almost single-handedly brought punk rock back aboveground. Spi...

    by Zac Crain on October 23, 1997
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