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    The Gardis Say Adios - Local Argentine rock stalwarts play their last show at Finnegan's.

    It's hard to hold an interview with Argentine rock band the Gardis at Finnegan's Pub on Lincoln Road. Each question is interrupted by a bartender, bar crawler, or obsessive Gardis fan patting the boys on the back, kissing them on the cheek, or dropp...

    by Julienne Gage on June 26, 2008
  • The Sword - Gods of the Earth (Kemado)


    The Sword - Gods of the Earth (Kemado)

    Over the course of previous releases -- a split album with Swedish doom-monger Witchcraft and two CDs on their own -- these Austin-bred metal apologists have never ventured too far from well-worn paths. But so what? There's actually a sort of poetry...

    by Nicholas L. Hall on June 26, 2008
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    Power Pop Rocks - Rooney and Locksley snap and crackle at Revolution.

    The L.A. quintet Rooney has not exactly suffered from its Hollywood connections or good looks. Frontman Robert Schwartzman is the brother of actor (and occasional rocker) Jason. This makes him son of producer Jack Schwartzman and part of the extende...

    by Arielle Castillo on June 26, 2008
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    Mates of State - Re-Arrange Us (Barsuk)

    Husband-and-wife team Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner seemingly make gorgeous indie pop songs as easily and casually as the rest of us shower in the morning. Much has changed since their duo Mates of State's 2006 debut on Barsuk, Bring It Back; they h...

    by Ben Westhoff on June 26, 2008
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    They've got perhaps the best DJ collective name of all time, and that alone is reason to pay these guys some attention. And when you think about it, if you're an audiophile, what else turns you on more than good music? Based out of England, Johan Ka...

    by Jonathan Cunningham on June 26, 2008
  • Various Artists - Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock & Fuzz Funk in 1970s Nigeria (Soundway) and Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump (Strut)


    Various Artists - Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock & Fuzz Funk in 1970s Nigeria (Soundway) and Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump (Strut)

    Finding out that Nigeria had thriving psych-rock and funk scenes in the Seventies is akin to discovering Yemen harbored a killer ice-hockey league in the Phil Esposito era. But several bands in the Lagos area were absorbing the Anglo-American funkad...

    by Dave Segal on June 26, 2008
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    Goldie at Laundry Bar this Friday!!

    If there's a face - okay, a set of grills - most closely associated with drum 'n' bass, it's Goldie's. The founder of Metalheadz, a label at the forefront of the genre's development, Goldie -- a.k.a. Clifford Joseph Price -- stands as a monument to t...

    @ Crossfade by Arielle Castillo on January 2, 2008 @ 3:00 pm
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    Albums on Tap for Early 2008

    Well 2007 is over, done and almost forgotten. So stop looking back on the year that's past and take a look at what you have to look forward to from the music world in just the first couple months of 2008. Here's a look at some of the first albums to ...

    @ Crossfade on January 2, 2008 @ 2:05 pm
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    Last Night: ZZ Top at Hard Rock Live

    ZZ Top December 28, 2007 Hard Rock Live Better Than: Not having dared at all. The Review: "ZZ Top at the Hard Rock?!?!" "That's what I said." "Wow! You know that's one of the few bands I've never seen?" "Really? So you'll go, then?" "No, ...

    @ Crossfade by John Hood on December 31, 2007 @ 1:54 pm
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    Five Songs About New Years

    Ah, the New Year. Time of transformation, time of bubbly-spawned magic, time of awkward passes and resolutions you mean at the time. While you're preparing for the long sled ride down Hangover Hill, here's some topical listening material. -- Jeff Sha...

    @ Crossfade on December 31, 2007 @ 8:00 am
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    Flo Rida has the #1 Song in the Country

    Go figure. But you gotta give credit where its due and as of today, Miami's own Flo Rida has bumped Alicia Keys out of the number one spot on the Billboard charts and his song, "Low" has ascended in its place. It's a proud day for South Florida musi...

    @ Crossfade by Jonathan Cunningham on December 28, 2007 @ 1:15 pm
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    Review: DJ Skribble and Dave Navarro at Pawn Shop

    Dave Navarro & DJ Skribble December 22, 2007 Pawn Shop Lounge Better Than: A fistfight in front of a mirror. Contrary to unpopular opinion, kids still get riled about rock; when the rock comes dosed with bottom heavy rap, they get really riled. M...

    @ Crossfade by John Hood on December 28, 2007 @ 9:30 am
  • Trick Daddy Bids Farewell to Slip-N-Slide - And launches his own Dunk Ryder imprint.


    Trick Daddy Bids Farewell to Slip-N-Slide - And launches his own Dunk Ryder imprint.

    The light reflects off Trick Daddy's gold grills as he explains his personal evolution, as he tells it, and a recent move that will shock longtime followers of 305 hip-hop. "No more Slip-N-Slide Records," he says of his longtime label and frequent p...

    by Jason Handelsman on June 19, 2008
  • Head Spins: Drop.D - Love Hate's resident hip-hop hero.


    Head Spins: Drop.D - Love Hate's resident hip-hop hero.

    Less knowledgeable folks might be tempted to consider Drop.D nothing but another DJ in a long line of hip-hop-spinning wide boys who've come to set up shop in South Beach. But they would be wrong: The kid called Drop.D (a.k.a. ill skill) outclasses ...

    by John Hood on June 19, 2008
  • Your Company Name Here - Summer tour sponsorship we would not like to see.


    Your Company Name Here - Summer tour sponsorship we would not like to see.

    With corporate-sponsored arenas, America's sports teams were among the first to pimp out naming rights for a buck. And lately our nation' rock stars have been lining up for their own slice of the pie. It seems these days that nearly every beverage, ...

    by Cole Haddon on June 19, 2008
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    Reviewing the Reviewers - The Futureheads strike back against critiques of This Is Not the World.

    It's been a tough couple of years for the Futureheads. Following the mixed reception to 2006's ambitious News and Tributes, the British postpunk quartet was dropped by its label and briefly considered packing it in. Instead, they soldiered forward, ...

    by Michael Alan Goldberg on June 19, 2008
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    Like Green Day, Rancid was once reviled as a band of poseurs by much of the punk-rock intelligentsia but is now seen as a standard-bearer for the genre -- and sheer persistence is a big factor. Early discs such as 1995's And Out Come the Wolves were...

    by Michael Roberts on June 19, 2008
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    O Rappa

    One could say Jamaican singer Papa Winnie had a serendipitous hand in the creation of O Rappa, the Rio de Janeiro-based fusion reggae/funk-rock band that performs this weekend in Pompano Beach. In 1993, Winnie arrived in Brazil for an extended tour ...

    by Ernest Barteldes on June 19, 2008
  • Rock of Ages - Mudhoney keeps it dirty in '08.


    Rock of Ages - Mudhoney keeps it dirty in '08.

    Most followers of the Eighties/Nineties American rock underground have heard of Mudhoney. The band became known back then for influencing other Seattle-area groups that later became huge -- who can forget Kurt Cobain's array of Mudhoney T-shirts? Th...

    by Arielle Castillo on June 19, 2008
  • Paul van Dyk


    Paul van Dyk

    The course for superstar trance DJ Paul van Dyk is all-ahead full. In Between, his fifth album of original songs, remains the record he's been giving the most push since its release in August last year. And deservedly so, what with the high-profile ...

    by Eric W. Saeger on June 19, 2008
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